City Inspiration: Bike Stand

I was recently in Göteborg for a wedding and while walking down the street I noticed the city’s bike stands (pictured). It looks like a car and can hold up to ten bikes. I thought this was such a creative way to show people how much space a car takes up and to get people to think about taking an alternative form of transport. I also saw a similar bike stand this past summer in London.

I think it is great that more “green” ideas are popping up around cities. I’m going to keep my look out for other innovative, green solutions in my city and I will keep you posted. I also get inspired when I see something like this. It reassures me that there are creative minds working on green solutions and that my city is on the right track.  What do you think of the bike stand?

Update: I recently came across a bike stand like this in Stockholm as well. It’s pictured below.


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