How to: Creating a Balcony Oasis

How to create a balcony oasis:

The best feeling is loving your home and being happy just by being in it. I am so content, relaxed, and happy when I sit on my balcony. This past week I have been working on making it a more enjoyable space since we have neglected it for quite sometime because we are away this summer. Here are some of my tips for creating your own balcony oasis.

1. Second hand furniture. Check out your local second hand store and refinish and re-purpose some items that you find. My local second hand store had a bunch of really sweet looking stools. All of them weren’t in the best shape, so some had to be sanded down and refinished and painted, while others I thought looked quite sweet in their worn down state. Depending upon the state of your stools, all you may need to do is clean them up or give them a quick paint job. Then place them around your balcony in a scattered manner that your find pleasing. This may take some playing around with until you find something that you like. Unfortunately the couch on our balcony is not second hand. It’s ikea and it works so well with the limited space that we have.



2. Add plants! Lots of plants! I have some herbs on our balcony, basil, thyme, and chives. I also have a kumquat tree and and tomato plant which adds lovely color but it’s also great to be growing some fresh veg in your space. There are also some flowers that I have picked up at the local florist and some I received as a gift. The greenery is such a great touch.


3. Find solar panel lights. A lot of the lights on my balcony are solar powered, which I think is pretty amazing. They also look super sweet and add a nice ambience to the balcony.



4. Add some colorful accessories like pillows and blankets. The blankets are definite must in Sweden because it gets quite chilly in the evenings, but they also allow you to enjoy your balcony oasis much longer into the fall. The pillows are from H&M home.



5. Enjoy your new space and fall in love with your balcony all over again!


I hope you enjoyed these tips. Let me know if you need a step-by-step tutorial of how to refinish some old, second hand stools.

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