Food: Avocadon’ts

Did somebody say “Avocados”! I love avocados and have been known to state guacamole as one of my favorite foods. It’s definitely in my top three. However, recently it’s come to my attention that avocados are not all that great for the environment. I was reading an article in The Guardian entitled “Can hipsters stomach the unpalatable truth about avocado toast?” By Joanna Blythman. First of all, let me just point out that I do not associate myself as a hipster nor do I believe that only hipsters like avocado toast. I’m quite a big, non-hipster avocado toast fan myself.

In the article Blythman brings up the “inconvenient truth” about avocados. The increase in demand for this delicious fruit has been causing environmental degradation, illegal deforestation, and pressure on water resources. Avocado plantations are increasingly run by the Mexican Cartel as well and I do not want my guacamole habit to be lining their pockets. Hence, these are all things that I do not wish to support. But, what should I do, being the professed avocado lover that I am? Blythman suggests only purchasing Fairtrade, organic avocados. This way the consumer knows that they are buying a product that is more sustainable because the worker will have received a fair wage for the product and it will have been grown in a more environmentally sustainable manner without pesticides or chemicals.
The next time I get an avocado craving, I will have to wait to satisfy it until I get my hands on a Fairtrade, organic avocado. I hope you do the same!

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