How to: Reupholster an Ottoman (part 1)

When I moved into my new place, my mother gave me her old couch and matching ottomans (for you Brits, poofs). The ottomans are boring, faded, and they don’t really match the decor in my apartment. Since, I’m attempting to be a sustainable millennial, I decided I wanted to reupholster the ottomans rather than throw them out and buy new ones. But, believe it or not, my experience with sewing is limited to my 9th grade home economics class. So after some thoughtful planning and scheming, I finally coerced my favorite, textil degree holding friend into the role of project leader. She was a little hesitant at first, but persistence is key and now she is on board!

Here is a step-by-step break down of how to begin:

  1. Recruit aforementioned project leader. 13173197_10153995065401265_6190349126847662608_oPhoto Credit: Annabell Lehne
  2. Take before photos of your old ottoman. IMG_3650
  3. Unscrew the legs.
  4. Remove the staples holding the fabric in place. (This is the worst. Get a good staple remover and pliers. I would even recommend wearing some sort of gloves because my fingers got really sore quickly.)img_3655
  5. Uncover the ottoman.
  6. Pick apart the old fabric so you have a pattern to work with. Try to just cut up the seams not the actual fabric. IMG_3640
  7. Measure everything just in case.
  8. Buy new fabric! IMG_3638

The following steps will be posted in part 2. I hope this inspires you to work with what you have rather than buying something new.

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