How To: Reupholster an Ottoman (part 2)

So you found a friend to help you out and you’ve completed all the steps from part 1. Now it’s time for part 2 to ensue! There are only a couple short steps in this part, but in part 3 we will begin with the sewing! Woohoo!


  1. Lay out the old fabric that you took off of the ottoman and pin it to your new fabric.img_3661
  2. Line it up with the edges so you waste as little fabric as possible. img_3658
  3. Cut around the old fabric that’s pinned to the new fabric. Now you have a pattern to work with while you sew! img_5359
  4. We also cut some pillow covers while we were at it. It’s quite simple. Take an existing pillow cover and pin it down on the new fabric, cut around it. Repeat, but leave a bit more fabric on one side so you can fold it over to be able to get the pillow in and out.

Be on the look out for part 3. The exciting bit is yet to come. Also, reupholstering clearly works better when cats are involved!

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