Enviro News: A Sad Day for the Wolves of Norway

It has come to my attention from an article in the Guardian, that Norway plans to cull two-thirds of its wolf population. I find this to be a extreme solution to the Norwegian wolf conflict. During my master’s studies, I took a course on Environmental Conflict Management and it seems to me that Norwegian officials are not managing this conflict constructively, rather than sitting down with both sides to come to a mutual understanding and a constructive solution, the government plans to slaughter 47 wolves out of an estimated 68. I know crazy! There are only 68 wolves to begin with. The thing that disgusts me the most about this conflict is that there have been 11,000 hunters who have applied for a license to kill one of the 47 wolves. 11,000! It seems that wolves clearly do not stand a chance in Norway. Needless to say something needs to change about how wolves are portrayed in the media and in our childhood stories in order for them to stand a chance. In addition, wolves play an important role in the ecosystem. This is a link to a youtube video that I found very inspiring about wolves and how their presence in the ecosystem in Yellowstone National Park helped shape the landscape of the park. Let me know what you think and if you think Norway could have handled this conflict in a better manner.


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