How to: Reupholster an Ottoman (part 3)

This post is all about how to cover the base of an ottoman. This is probably the easiest part of the process. We had previously taken off all of the old fabric and removed all of the staples. Then, we cut the new fabric into strips that were wide enough to cover the sides and hang over a bit on the bottom and top so there was enough fabric to staple on the top and bottom. img_3733Next, we stapled the bottom of the fabric in place and folded the corners over like a present and stapled the corners to secure them. img_3735Then, we repeated the same process on the top. We had to use two pieces of fabric to cover the whole bottom piece of the ottoman. You could sew these together, but we took the easy root and just folded the ends over and stapled them in place.img_3858 Next, we put the dust protector back on and screwed the legs in place and lastly stapled it in place as well. img_3859Here is our covered base of the ottoman. img_3860

Part 4 will come out shortly is all about the in’s and out’s of sewing the cushion cover, assembling the ottoman, and how to make simple throw pillow covers.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever reupholstered anything or if you plan to in the future! Upcycling is fun.

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  1. Gurly says:

    Hej Ida, supersnygg sittpuff 👌
    Tack för inspirationen och en fin blogg! Har just köpt lägenhet och kommer förmodligen köpa de flesta möblerna second hand. Kul att se att det går att fräscha upp dem med enkla medel även om man inte har gjort något sånt förut.
    Får komma förbi någon dag och titta vad ni har gjort mer! Kram


    1. Hej Gurly! Vad kul att du har kollat på bloggen! Du får jätte gärna komma förbi och se hur ve har det och träffa katterna. Jag gjorde puffen med Rox och hon kan hjälpa dig också i framtiden. Kram!


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