Deodorant Trials and Tribulations (1)

Natural deodorant is the bane of my existence. It’s been a three year battle between me and the aluminum free, all natural stuff. I have had days when I couldn’t lift my arms, smelled like a cat pee and/or onions, and had to wash my armpits multiple times a day. So why do I go through all of this, you must be wondering. Well I wonder too. What’s the point? Is aluminum really that bad for you? Does it cause breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease?

Apparently, it isn’t that straight forward. Most argue that there isn’t any evidence that aluminum in deodorants leads to breast cancer and experts have ruled out that aluminum leads to Alzheimer’s disease. The National Cancer Institute stated that more research is necessary to determine if there is any link between breast cancer and aluminium and/or parabens in deodorant. Parabens are a preservative that are found in personal care products and they mimic estrogen once they enter the body. Researchers have found breast cancer tumors that have contained parabens, but they are not sure if the parabens caused the cancer or not. Also, even if I do give up using deodorants containing aluminum, it’s most likely that aluminum will enter my body from canned food, tap water, or from cooking with pots and pans. So what’s the point of choosing an aluminum free deodorant anyway?

Even though most experts would argue that aluminum does not directly cause breast cancer, there is still an increasing rise of breast cancer presenting itself in the upper corner of the breast near the armpit. This could or could not be linked to deodorant usage. Also, there are currently not enough studies to determine what the long-term effects are of using an aluminum containing deodorant everyday. This helps motivate me in trying to find an aluminum free option.

Hence, even though aluminum probably will not be the death of me. I still have this ecotopian, idealistic idea that finding an aluminum free, paraben free, and cruelty free deodorant will make me happy and somehow help save the planet? So let the hunt for a possibly less harmful deodorant that actually works begin. Key word: works. I do not want to spend the rest of my life washing my armpits multiple times a day, smelling like onions, or not being able to lift my arms above my head. If this journey ends up being a waste of time, and I can’t find any aluminum free alternatives that work, I will most definitely be rubbing aluminum under my arms again very soon.

The first deodorant that I will be testing is the Jäsön Aloe Vera Pure Natural Deodorant Stick. It doesn’t contain any aluminum or parabens. I will let you know how I fare with this deodorant in a future post.img_3867

Please let me know if you have successfully found an aluminum free deodorant that works. I need some good recommendations and some hope!

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  1. John says:

    I know it’s ‘for men’, but Bulldog deodorant is aluminium free, and I would say quite neutral in smell.

    I find it works well for me, might be worth considering

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    1. Thanks for the tip John!


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