Thoughts on Jäsön Deodorant

I have been trying the Jäsön deodorant for the past week or so. It works from time to time. I have friends that use it and love it, but here is a run down of my experience. In the future I will review other deodorants (I know, so exciting!) against the same criteria.

  1. Initial application impressions: Let me just tell you a little anecdote. I hate being sticky, especially under my armpits. I have strong distaste for roller ball deodorants because they leave my armpits all wet and sticky, and I end up walking around with my arms raised above my head until the deodorant dries if I happen to have to use roller ball deodorant. Also, why is it so popular in Europe? It’s the worst. Anyways, this stuff is sticky to me. It does not dry in quickly. I found that if I actually rubbed the deodorant in with my fingers it dried quicker and actually worked better. Oh, but on the bright side, it smells quite nice.
  2. Cotton Clothing: The deodorant seems to hold up quite well with cotton clothing. I still sweat, but I’m not smelly.
  3. Synthetic Clothing: Not so much. I smelled pretty bad when I used this deodorant and wore a shirt made out of synthetic fabrics.
  4. Grey or light colored tops: I have been avoiding grey colored tops like the plague with this deodorant. I fear I will have sweat marks under my armpits and I find that to be mortifying. This makes me quite sad because I like wearing grey and I haven’t been able to wear it for a while now.
  5. After 12 hours: I do not smell good at the end of a long day wearing this deodorant. I made my bae (gosh, I’m so hip) smell my armpits last night, and he said he wanted to throw up. Good thing he loves me!
  6. After a workout: Okay, so this is actually surprising to me, I actually smell fine after a sweaty workout when I use this stuff as long as my armpits are clean and I apply directly before I workout.

All in all, I would give this deodorant a 2 out 5. I don’t feel comfortable wearing all of my clothes, my armpits often feel sticky, and I was quite smelly at the end of the day. That being said, I have close friends that love this deodorant. Maybe I’m just sweatier than them. Also, I thought I should put this out there, I am on hormonal birth control and they are not. I feel like hormones really affect the way one smells and maybe my birth control is making me smell worse. I have had long thoughts and deep discussion about this, and I have come to the conclusion that if I ever want to pursue a PhD in the future, this topic is definitely a contender. Okay, I digress. Maybe this deodorant will work for you, but if you have found that other natural deodorants do not work then I would not get my hopes up. This deodorant isn’t life changing and is something I will probably give to my bae. I don’t know why, but all the all-natural, aluminum free deodorants I try seem to work really well on him, while they leave me a smelly, self-conscious mess. Maybe it has something to do with hormones and the success of natural deodorants after all.

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