These Boots are Made for Walking

Sorry! I have been a little M.I.A. lately. I just finished up a course, went on vacation, and started a new job. It’s been a little crazy. But I have so many exciting things to write about and to tell you about.img_4196

First up a short post about a new product that I found, Kavat Eco Wax. Okay this probably sounds lame, but it’s actually really cool. I have this pair of green boots that I wear all the time in the fall, and they are starting to look worse for wear. I have been thinking about purchasing a new pair of boots. But the boots still work, and I want to try to consume less and more responsibly. So it feels silly to purchase a new pair of boots just for vanity’s sake. Hence, Kavat Eco Wax to the rescue! I rubbed this wax on my boots and they look as good as new! I am super impressed with this product. It’s organic, made from vegetables, and makes your leather boots water resistant. Pretty cool, huh?img_4187img_4191

I also put it another pair of boots and my boyfriend’s boots as well. He hates sponges and it has to be applied with one, so I was nice girlfriend and helped him out. (Don’t ask, it’s a weird issue he has. But he has offered to get in contact with any of you fellow sponge haters/sufferers out there. Let me know if you want to take him up on that offer.)img_4195

I’m so happy with the way the boots turned out. They look great and as good as new! I can highly recommend this product if your boots are looking a little worn down. Also, it’s perfect for rainier or snowier months as it makes leather shoes water resistent. Thanks Kavat Eco Wax!



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