Iceland: From Plant to Plate

Everyone is talking about Iceland. The glaciers, the northern lights, the hiking, the landscape, the volcanoes, the music, the endless possibilities of the adventure-backpacker’s paradise. It’s well documented, maybe even a little over done. However, one thing that people aren’t really talking about, and that I certainly didn’t know about, is how it’s cutting the distance from plant to plate right down. In fact, they’re only an arm’s length apart.

Iceland has a plethora of geothermal energy, and the whole country runs entirely off of renewable energy sources, which is pretty amazing especially from a sustainability standpoint. They take advantage of this green energy to grow their own fruits and vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce, and even bananas. Bananas in Iceland. The mind boggles. And I think that is pretty cool!img_4012

While I was visiting Iceland, my lovely hosts took me to eat lunch at one of the greenhouses that runs off of geothermal energy. This greenhouse produces tomatoes and is one of Iceland’s largest tomato producer. The whole menu was based off of the humble tomato.img_5606

I had the tomato soup, which was probably the best tomato soup I have ever tasted. And the ingredients were literally grown meters away. That’s about as close as you can get to locally sourced food.img_4019

For dessert, I had the tomato and apple crumble, and it was also most delectable. If you ever get a chance to visit Iceland, be sure to have a meal at one of their geothermal-powered greenhouses!


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