Seasonal & Sustainable: Making Ornaments

Crafting is cool. Making one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments at a local ceramics studio, cooler. I have totally been on board with being seasonal and sustainable this year. One of the first activities I did was to make homemade Christmas ornaments.

One of my friends organized this Christmas making workshop for a friend’s birthday at a local ceramics studio, Keramihackers. It was wonderfully cozy and Christmasy. We spent three hours listening to Christmas music, eating gingerbread cookies, and making ornaments. It was such a lovely day. We all had a great time and made some sustainable Christmas decorations. Also, they were relatively simple to make with the use of cookie cutters and lace.

Also by participating in this workshop we supported local artists and a local business. It feels good to spend money doing something positive rather than buying mass produced ornaments that are usually unethically and unsustainably made.

These photos are before the decorations are fired and glazed. I will show you the end product in a couple of weeks time, when they are ready.

I guess that’s kind of what Christmas should be, rather than what it is now. This was a genuinely festive activity – friends being together, doing something which created personal objects, rather than feeding into the whole machine which we have made. I wonder what other activities or possibilities there are out there to help reduce our festive footprints, but which do so by actually offering us something better than what we have now. Because this was better, undoubtedly. Filling up a shopping bag with mass-produced trinkets vs.spending an afternoon making things with your friends. It’s a no brainer. So, that’s our mission this Christmas. Let’s see what we find.


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