Seasonal & Sustainable: Advent Calendar

There were so many great things about being a kid during the month of December. One of them being, eating a piece of chocolate every morning for 24 days. I opened my advent calendar as soon as I woke up and sometimes I would take two, and regret it so much the day that I didn’t have one to open. As an adult, I still like having an advent calendar. My boyfriend and I got ours from a local chocolate shop that makes everything in house. But this year instead of just opening a physical calendar, I have also been posting a festive tip about how to have a smaller footprint everyday over on my Instagram account, Asmallerfootprint.

Here is a little round up of the first couple days if you happened to miss them.

Day 1: Buy second hand Christmas lights and ornaments.

Day 2: Change out your old Christmas lights to LED lights as they use a fraction of the energy and do not contain the unsustainable elements that traditional lights contain.


Day 3: Make your own Christmas ornaments. The one’s pictured here were made at Keramihackers. Read my blog post about it here.

Day 4: Buy local sweets and treats this holiday season or make your own! img_4264

Day 5: Don’t forget to get outside, fill up on some vitamin, and de-stress.

Day 6: Give away an experience like concert tickets, a cooking class, a spa day, museum tickets, or a room escape. The options are endless. Just be creative and do a little googling about what’s going on in your city.fil-000

Keep a look at on my Instagram for the next seasonal and sustainable tip. I hope you look forward to reading the post almost as much as child look forwards to opening their advent calendars (but let’s be honest, it pretty hard to achieve that kind of longing). Let me know if you have any tips that you think I should include!

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