Becoming a Morning Person?

Blah… so I guess I’m not doing so well with meeting my 2017 goals. I’m the worst morning person. I have been so sleepy all week! I keep hitting snooze. Oh how am I going to change this? I blame it on the Monday and Tuesday evening’s cross country skiing sessions. It just completely wears me out! I had quite the difficult time walking yesterday. But I promised myself, I was going to get better at mornings and get up and conquer the day! I’m going to make this happen! Let me know if you have a good morning routine or any helpful tips… because I need them. My current morning routine looks like such:

Alarm rings at 6:40 am. Hit snooze. Alarm rings again at 6:50 am. Hit snooze again. Ask boyfriend to let the kitties into the bedroom for snuggles. Snuggle kitties. Alarm rings again at 7:00 am. Hit snooze and continue snuggling kitties. Alarm rings at 7:10 am… finally get out of bed. That’s the 30 minutes! Oh Ida, get it together.


My ideal routine would probably include a green juice, some exercise, and then breakfast. Meditation would also be nice. And cat snuggles. How am I going to make it happen? I am going to report back soon when I find a better morning routine. Wish me luck!


All photos are from my November trip to Iceland. Read about it here and here!

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